Tips on How to Read the Trends of Designer Kids’ Clothing

Kids have a right to look cute too! And there you have the exact reason why, when it comes to clothing, designer style has met kiddie style. One tip on figuring out the trends is to watch what celebrities wear. Watch your favorite TV shows on fashion to see what child stars wear. You can also check for the magazines. Since many celebrities pay careful attention to trends, they often dress alike. Just look around you, and make notes about things that catch your attention: when you start seeing the same interesting stuff being worn by lots of children, then you’ve found a new trend.

Go through a variety of shops. View what they have put on display for everyone to see. Ideally, you should have the kids come with you to the stores so that you know what fits and what doesn’t. Would this type of apparel suit your kids’ taste? Will they really wear those? Would these be a rightful match for them? Third, you can sew the clothes that they themselves design. Before buying clothes for your child, keep in mind his or her personality: shy children would feel uncomfortable in clothing that would make them stand out. Make sure that you remember to make outfits comfortable because children who are uncomfortable look grumpy, not cute and charming. Over-sized fur jackets wouldn’t properly fit a small child and clothes that tend to be revealing wouldn’t be the best thing to wear for someone very young. Be sure to coordinate clothing with your child’s age, looks, personal traits, favorite activities, and personal tastes. Make sure to take weather conditions into account as well.

Quality should be verified. Material quality is not ensured by high expense. It could just be that everyone wants this type of clothing because of their style and therefore, are willing to pay a higher price in order to purchase them. So don’t expect that you would get the same results as that of originals. Just ensure that the cut is done properly, and if it would fit your child just right.

Choose classic items. You may quickly discover that the clothes you purchased for your children are out of fashion, because the fads don’t last long and keep changing all the time. It is better to bring home classic items, including jeans, jackets, dresses, nice blouses, and simple, plain shirts. You could buy additional items and accessories for special occasions that are held regularly like Halloween, birthdays and holidays. Select a trend or two and mix it with their regular clothes or with past trends. Your kid will appear hip and fashionable even without wearing designer clothing.

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Special Tips for Making Doll Clothes

Discover “tricks of the trade” that’ll help you in your journey of making doll clothes.

Creating Dolly’s apparel can be a delightful and educational experience if it’s by yourself or instructing a youth near and dear to your heart how to sew doll clothes. There are multiple helpful ideas which I would like to share with you that I have discovered to be very beneficial for myself along with the students I have had the delight of instructing. Sewing can be stressful or fun and if one knows some of the “tricks of the trade” before beginning, making doll clothes will always be a delight.

Using a rubber mat of any color or size and placing it underneath the foot pedal of the machine will not just deminish the noise, but will also stop the foot pedal from slipping from you or your youngster. Children are often told to hurry up when it comes to finishing a project, but as for making doll clothes it is much better to go slow. By placing a piece of foam between the base and foot pedal lever one will be assiting the youngster to remember that speed isn’t always a good choice.

Even though one would like to sew a little girl and dolly coordinating clothing, sometimes it is less discouraging to improvise as it comes to the doll’s clothes. Although there are hobby stores and web sites which market small buttons just for doll clothing it could be a great unneeded additional frustration to attempt to create the doll’s clothing exactly like your child’s. By using hook and eye, simple small sized snaps, or “Velcro”, for the closure of dolly’s shirts and pants or dresses you instantly make the job simpler and more enjoyable. The best thing about this is that one can sew by hand tiny buttons to the top side, thus giving the button look to the doll’s outfit, but getting rid of the strain of itsy bitsy button holes and difficult finger skills for a child’s hands.

Wonder Tape is wonderful! You can buy Wonder Tape at most any store that sells craft or sewing supplies and I highly suggest you purchase some. If it’s a seam, pocket, zipper, or just slick fabric, this Wonder Tape will hold the material in place as you continue to sew. Wonder Tape simply washes out, and does not gum up the sewing machine needle.

All your acquaintances will be astonished at how beautifully you stitched a piece they might have found really challenging. That is the chance when one can share how to sew doll clothes using the “tricks of the trade” with your acquaintances.

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Stylish Maternity Clothes

It used to be that pregnant women wore one-piece dresses embellished by ribbons or frills. There was nothing to choose from, apart from the standard maternity gowns in different colors and sizes. Women did not have an option but to wear shapeless clothes. However, times have changed and expecting mothers, have a wide range of stylish designer wear maternity clothes to choose from for their wardrobe.

Stores have a special section for maternity wear. Leading luxury brands offer maternity clothes that cater to the affluent and fashion conscious. Clothing of extremely high quality fabric is available. There are blouses made from silk in neutral colors. Blazers, pants and skirts are available in a wool or poly blend. A variety of maternity pants and jeans made from cotton and Lycra blend can be bought off the racks.

Stylish and sophisticated maternity wear is available for all occasions, such as formal, casual, activity, or career needs. Formal maternity dresses and cocktail gowns are made in elegant fabrics with a stylish fit. Maternity dresses for formal wear or maternity wedding dresses are all designed for comfort, and to make the mother-to-be feel good.

To get the maximum options for maternity career clothes, coordinated clothes such as, suit jacket, pants, and blouses are available in comfortable cuts and suitable sizes. To avoid the monotony of repeating full outfits, mixing and matching maternity workday wear is an option. A good idea will be to pair a maternity suit jacket with maternity dresses, and make an easy changeover from office to evening wear without changing clothes too often.

Maternity and nursing lingerie have under gone a change in style. The modern look is sensuous yet offers support to the growing body. Transition wear is ideal for early and post-pregnancy when finding an appropriate fit is impossible.

Stylish maternity clothes do not hide the growing belly under bulky fabric. Stylish clothes enhance the look and appearance of the pregnant woman to make her feel good.

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Buy Cool Baby Clothes to Make Your Child Look Good

Nowadays being cool is “in” and as a parent who prefers to be well dressed, you would want your kid to be well dressed too. Keeping this in mind, most designers are coming up with clothing especially designed for the children. These clothes make them look more fashionable and are not the run of the mill denim trousers and shirts that were available for children earlier. You will now be able to find cool baby clothing that makes your baby look adorable and smart at the same time. The best part is that these clothes are also comfortable and easy to put on.

As a parent you will find that shopping for your baby can be one of the most amazing experiences that you have had. The stores are filled with a plethora of options, sizes, colors, and designs that would always make you buy more than you need. However you must make sure that these clothes do not pose a safety hazard for your child. Recently a survey found out that one out of ten baby clothes are hazardous to their health since it contains things like drawstrings or cords which can be harmful for the baby.

Best ways to create a fashion statement

You can make a start by using soft and lightweight suspenders for your child. This will not only make him look smart but will also help in transforming his look entirely. You can also look for adventurous colors like brown, purple, or navy blue rather than going for the usual blue for a boy and red for a girl. This will make them look fashionable and give them a fun image.

For special occasions you can also consider coordinating clothes with your kid, so that both of you are wearing same colored clothes, and even the same print. This not only looks cute but also helps you bond better with your child. The other commonly used accessories that can compliment a child’s looks are a hat or a fashionable skull cap. This protects the small head from the cold and also becomes a fashion statement at the same time. As a parent you can also select your child’s socks and shoes carefully so that it is well coordinated with the rest of the outfit. This will help in giving a complete look that will be well appreciated.

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Mens Fashion Tips – How to Coordinate Clothing Colors

Color can seem to be such a mystery when it comes to clothing.

There are some people out there who seem to have it all together, who seem to be dressed perfectly all of the time – and then there are the rest of the people, the ones who can’t seem to figure out what shirt goes with what pair of pants.

It doesn’t help that adult clothing is much more complicated than children’s clothing. Remember how the entire Garanimals clothing line for kids contained nothing but color-coordinated pieces – and how any pair of pants would match literally any shirt? This certainly isn’t the case for men’s clothing…

So, to help out with that, to make color-coordinating easier for men’s clothing – here are some suggestions on how best to match colors when putting outfits together.

Now, these aren’t ‘rules,’ as there can be many variations on how color is put together; however, following these suggestions can at least get you out the door without looking like a clown:

Avoid colored pants -

Colored pants really don’t look good on men. Keep your pants a basic, neutral color-black, or some shade of grey, tan, khaki, or brown will do nicely and will be simple to match. Or, if you are dressing for a casual day, jeans would be great!

Since you have chosen neutrally-colored pants (or jeans), the rest of your outfit will not be difficult to choose as far as colors go.

If your pants are black or grey, stay away from shirts that have any shade of brown in them as these will not pair well. Pants that are tan, khaki or brown or jeans can be paired with just about any color of shirt.

Choosing a shirt -

When choosing a shirt color, though, it is wise to avoid choosing a shirt that is very close to the exact color of your pants or jeans. When you wear a shirt and pant of the same color, it looks like a uniform.

Opting for a pattern on a shirt is fine, just keep to a minimal pattern and make sure that everything else that you choose is neutral.

Socks -

Socks should be close to the color of your pants. As for shoes, avoid brown shoes unless you are dressing casually; business work attire should be accompanied by black shoes.

Here are a few common color pairings that can assist you in putting outfits together,

Use these in conjunction with the suggestions above and you will have no trouble with your color-coordination:

Light colors (pastels) should be paired with dark grey or black pants. Wearing a pastel shirt with, say, tan pants might just make you look like an Easter egg.

Two bright, vivid colors should not be worn at the same time – choose only one. Otherwise, your outfit could induce headaches in passersby.

Wearing different shades of one color from head to toe is a good idea. For example, wearing a pair of navy pants, a light blue button shirt, and a dark blue cardigan would look quite nice.

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